Raumentleerung für Kleinsilos

Room unloader for small silos

with leaf spring arms

Is a small device for biomass removal (light wood chips or similar materials). The plant is equipped with tangentially attached leaf spring arms. With this method it is possible to unload the space up to 3.0 meters in case of light material.

Of course, it can also be installed in bunkers with larger footprints if complete unloading is not required. For bulk weights up to 250 kg/m³, the filling height of 3.0 meters should be regarded as the limit.

When the silo is filled, the spring arms fit the diameter of the cap. Material is almost exclusively unloaded through the transverse, open screw conveyor.


Type KAPA 301-F3 301-F4
Effective diameter [mm] to 3000 to 4000 (according to material)
H [mm] (to 250 kg/m³) 3000 3000
Installation angle, max 10° 10°
Conveyor capacity Standard [m³/h] 0,55 0,55