Type HSP

Moving floor discharge

Hydraulic, for rectangular rooms

Several massive steel ladders are pushed back and forth hydraulically. Conveyed material from rectangular rooms falls into traverse screw conveyor.

Both the room and the moving floor must be individually designed according to your plant concept.


Type HSP L x W x H  
Width (per driving rod) [m] 2 maximum
Length [m] 10-12 maximum
H [m] (to 250 kg/m³) 6  
H [m] (e.g. 350 kg/m³) less as per specific weight
Hydraulic [kW] 0,75 - 11,0 according to load and velocity
Conveyor amount    
Standard [m³/h] 1,00 - 6,0 Independent of the material to be conveyed
Max.   (Individual solutions and customizations are possible)