Type SFP

Silo unloader for high silos

with milling screw, horizontal

A progressive milling screw, equiped with cutting tips, runs freely over the silo floor without contact and conveys the material to the center of the silo, where it is discharged downwards by the machine. A pneumatic cylinder with a thrust fork is used to advance radially around the silo axis to remove the bunkered material.

The machine is installed in an opening in the silo floor. The double suspension allows the at times massive pressure from the contents of the silo on the bearing friction to be minimized.


The models SFP 2A and SFP 3A can be equipped with two augers. Additional charges will apply for custom-made augers or structural alterations in accordance with our list of services.


Type Conveyor capacity Worm gear-D Drive Silo-D Silo-H
  (max.) [m³/h] [mm] [kW] [m] [m]
SFP 2A-K 3 (6) 140 1,5 –3,0 7 12
SFP 3A-K 6 (12) 170 2,2 - 5,5 8 15
SFP 31-K 25 250 4,0 - 7,5 9 18
SFP 40-K 80 360 7,5 - 15 10 20
SFP 41-K 150 420 18,5 - 22 12 20