Rührwerk für Kleinsilos

Stirring unit for small silos

for extracting heavy materials

To taking from heavy granulates like mill chips, cuttings or similar materials from smaller silos with lower fill heights.

A drive motor propels 2 or 3 special rotating arms with high torque. The outer arm element can be broken off at the bearing point and is pre-stressed. In the filled silo the arm hinges draw back for unloading.

The material is freely removed downwards by the spikes of the arm hinges and an opening in the silo floor.

Type RW 250-SGA1,5 250-SGA2,5
Effective diameter [mm] 1500 2430
H [mm] (to 250 kg/m³) 5000 5000
H [mm] (to 500 kg/m³) 3500 3500
Amount of material depends on opening 5-15 m3/h

Extract heavy granulates like mill chips, cuttings and similar materials