Bulk material conveyance is our domain

JPA Fördertechnik has been specializing in the conveyance of heavy flowing bulk solids for many years. As one of the first companies in the industry it continuously shaped key technological development from the first silo, room and building discharge systems and today is considered as an industry expert more than ever. Expert know-how and high-level consulting expertise combined with outstanding machinery are awaiting you at JPA.

Count on our many years of experience and high-level expertise

Blacksmith and master lock­smith Johann Pöll­huber founded JPA in Alt­münster in 1962 and special­ized in steel­­work and special solutions of every kind. In those days the wood shavings in the saw mills were set in motion by hand and with a stick.

JPA has been desig­ning and buil­ding silo discharge units since 1971 and thus as one of the first in the industry made a name for itself as an expert in plant engin­eering for heavy flowing bulk solids.

In the 1980s people increas­ingly wanted auto­mated heating sys­tems in order to avoid the bother of fee­ding a fire. The first win­ding machines were devel­oped at that time and combustible mater­ials pro­duced in stand­ard­ized sizes for the first time.

In 1990 JPA rolled out its first room and building discharge systems.
Erwin Traweger, PE, joined the company in 1993 and began to market the ser­vices and pro­ducts all over Europe.
Mr. Traweger acquired JPA Förder­technik in 1996 and moved its head­quarters to a spacious location in Rutzenmoos.

Since 2000 JPA Förder­technik has been concen­trating even more inten­sively on the firm's very own inno­vations. The state-of-the-art discharge equip­ment is designed so that it can also be used for new mater­ials - whether bio­mass or special mater­ial - and new industries.

Today more than one hundred major customers in Austria and the European region are counting on the high-level exper­tise and product quality of the systems from the JPA Förder­technik company.


Bulk material conveyance for diverse fields of application

Reliable and experienced partner

Fairness and appreciation

We expect of ourselves to be equitable, competent, reliable, trustworthy and social partners - both inwardly toward our colleagues and employees and outwardly toward customers, production partners and suppliers. Values like fairness and appreciation guide us in this regard.

Optimal solution for every application

Our aim is to identify and to develop from scratch the best solution for our customers every day. If it can't be created using existing components, we'll design a new product for you.

The right solution for every customer requirement

We're experts in handling heavy flowing bulk solids like chipped wood, wood shavings, pellets or other biomass as well as glass wool, rock wool, dewatered sludge, rubber chips and many others.

Our product portfolio includes, among other things, room and building discharge systems, a silo discharge unit with inclined screw or horizontal screw, stirring units and accessory components like hydraulic floor thrust units.

Systems and components

We focus major attention on professional advice - from problem analysis right up to product design.

Every new project is begun with a well-founded systematic analysis of the problem. From this we work out and plan alternative solution approaches.
Our engineers single out the optimal solution and design the appropriate product which then goes into production on our fully equipped machinery.

Engineering and production

Turnkey conveyor systems, components and custom-made products

Production and distribution of material handling products

In collaboration with an expert partner we produce specially designed room and silo feed and clearing systems and stirring units. Our experience enables us to produce innovative and customer-specific products as single pieces or ready for series production.

In addition to complete systems we market an extensive range of high-quality single components from our own production line and accessory components from third party manufacturers.

Are you looking for a compatible system, a particular component or need a special system for your requirements? We're happy to help you!

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Managementsystem nach EN ISO 9001Schweißzertifikat EN 1090Schweißtechnische Qualität nacj EN 3834

Certifications according to EN ISO 9001, EN 1090 and ÖNORM EN ISO 3834

On-site training courses and online support

Our experienced experts come to your operation at an agreed time and consult with your planners, technicians or sales onsite about the JPA product range and train them in dealing with the particular conveyance solutions and components from our range.

We provide experienced planners with dimensional drawings and manuals by which means they too can select the right equipment.

Get the documents for any inquiry and plans you may have or arrange a date for an onsite training course.

Documents and training