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Product development and design have been among the core areas of our business for more than 50 years. As one of the first regional suppliers we developed silo unloaders and room and building discharge units initially for wood chips and later for all kinds of heavy flowing bulk solids. Today we're optimizing formulations and solutions for our customers. Our work begins as early as with your inquiry, even long before placing the order.

Engineering Process

Analysis of the task

There's a well-founded analysis of the requirements at the outset of every project. What's exactly the problem and what's the actual objective? We proceed with this very systematically based on our many years of experience and well-founded technical know-how.

Finding the best solution

On the basis of the requirements defined we work out the approaches for the best possible solution to the problem. In doing so nature is frequently a great guide and we derive functions for our products from it.

Design of the product

Our engineers design the product according to the approach that best overcomes the problem. This aids us in double-checking it for its aspects of detail and its operational capability.

Production with maximum quality

Provided the solution developed even survives the design phase, the product goes into production. Our experienced engineers team up with a production partner who has at his disposal a fully equipped machine park that's adapted to our requirements.





Custom conveyor solutions

Innovation is an outgrowth of unconventional thinking. We think in innovative directions and find solutions where there weren't any before. This applies both to applications for industries where to date bulk solids still aren't conveyed automatically or there's potential for improvement and to the materials to be handled.

Thanks to our experience we can make our customers' life easier, particularly as regards biomass, this so multifaceted material. We're experts in this field who tackle new formulations with great passion and a systematic approach.

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Expert know-how combined with high quality standards

We build standard and custom-made products

JPA Fördertechnik combines expert know-how with outstanding machinery. In the production field we've been collaborating for decades with an exceptional production partner who shares our high quality standards. Every product undergoes our internal quality testing that includes test certificates and acceptances. Externally, TÜV welding specialists regularly review us through audits and as advisers lend our experts support in the event of custom productions.

Every JPA component can be combined in a sort of unit assembly system for all kinds of solutions. Thanks to our extensive stock of finished and semi-finished components we can easily supply you with proven and tested, perfectly fitting solutions in no time and at a an excellent price. We have special-purpose machines available for custom solutions. This lets us to carry out projects that no one else can.

Managementsystem nach EN ISO 9001Schweißzertifikat EN 1090Schweißtechnische Qualität nacj EN 3834

High quality through certified production

TÜV Austria system and product certifications according to EN ISO 9001, EN 1090 and ÖNORM EN ISO 3834

Bulk material handling for many industries and applications

Worldwide distribution and trading of components

The conveying systems and components that we develop and produce are distributed all over the world. We have our own quality products in the sales mix and complement them with compatible tie-ins from other manufacturers. We also have used components available on a case by case basis.

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