Conveyor systems and components for heavy flowing bulk solids

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JPA Conveyor Systems

JPA Fördertechnik was among the first companies in Austria to special­ize in automatic silo and room discharge. Based on our many years of exper­ience, today we rank first in well-founded consul­tancy. As a result, we find our customer the ideal convey­ance solution for all kinds of heavy flowing bulk solids. If the right solution has yet to be contrived, we'll develop it.

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With bulk solids we know the ropes

We've specialized in equipment that conveys heavy flowing bulk solids, be it biomass like shavings, wood chips or pellets, or special materials like synthetic granulates, dry sludge, rock or glass wool.
Bulk material, especially in the field of biomass, is so varied that with an expert like JPA Fördertechnik you're in best hands. We provide you with both ready-to-use systems and single components from our own production line and from third party suppliers.

And we're constantly developing solutions for new fields of application as to material or industry. As a result, we've made a name for ourselves as an industry expert, even internationally.

We handle biomass like shavings, wood chips or pellets

Managementsystem nach EN ISO 9001Schweißzertifikat EN 1090Schweißtechnische Qualität nacj EN 3834

High quality through certified production

TÜV Austria system and product certifications according to EN ISO 9001, EN 1090 and ÖNORM EN ISO 3834