Optimal discharge for rectangular rooms

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In silo and bulk material technology, discharges are often used that have a circular cross-section. In processing technology, however, rectangular containers equipped with a discharge device that discharges over the entire surface are also used. When replacing an old silo discharge in a rectangular structure, we found the use of hydraulic sliding floors to the best possible solution for our customers.

Solid steel ladders move the bulk goods

These take the form of a kind of ladder equipped with triangular rungs which are mounted horizontally on the floor and move. The wedge-shaped rungs move under the material and by doing so discharge it.

The specific challenge here was caused by the great weight and enormous forces that the new moving floor construction exerted on the existing building.

For this reason, what is referred to as a modular system for sliding container floors was used that consists of a sliding floor made from individual parts, two extension ladders and a central cross conveyor screw.

The steel substructure required for this absorbs the transmission of the forces; in addition, strong screen printing plates were fitted as a floor closure to bear the weight.

The best possible solution for every requirement

With this and similar separate projects the first thing to do is to understand in detail what the customer needs. Our customers can trust in the fact that we are always there for them personally.

After performing a detailed analysis of the customer's needs, we reconcile these with the technical possibilities available and develop a product that is optimally suitable.

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About JPA Fördertechnik

As a specialist in conveyor technology and room discharge systems, JPA Fördertechnik has been developing and building special solutions for heavy-flowing goods for 50 years that are tailored to the individual needs of customers.

In addition to hydraulic push floors, we also employ articulated arms and milling worms for discharge purposes - and develop the optimal system for each individual case dependent on the requirements and options available to us.

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