Silo discharge with milling worm for various materials

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Our milling worms are tried-and-tested systems equipped with a milling worm that moves freely over the silo floor without touching it and transports the bulk material to the middle of the silo, where it falls down through an opening.

The worm is fitted with cutting tips; the milling tool is pushed slowly through the material in a controlled manner via a controlled feed.

Depending on the requirements and the size of the silo different systems are used here: besides the milling chain arm, these include inclined spiked snails that move independently through the material, or horizontal milling worms that move through the material in a circle, loosening and moving it.

Special designs for special requirements

If the given space does not allow for circular motion, we at JPA also have the technical option of equipping the milling worm with a 180-degree swivel feed so that the worm only describes a semicircle.

Optimal solution for every task

In all of our customer projects, the focus is placed on the detailed customer discussion right at the start. As soon as we have understood what the customer exactly needs, we analyse the technical possibilities available and develop an individual solution. Our extensive expertise and the technical concepts we have developed over many years allow us to meet the requirements required by our customers every time.

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Conveyor technology for heavy-flowing bulk material

JPA Fördertechnik has been designing and building room discharge systems for heavy-flowing goods, such as bulk biomass, glass wool flakes or sewage sludge, for 50 years.

Milling worm are frequently used in small and large silos; discharging the space using articulated arms and hydraulic sliding floors represent other technical possibilities available.

Our many years of experience mean we can design each customer project individually and by doing so create optimal solutions.

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