Type KAPA 501-M-GA

Room discharge for small silos

with intermediate ceiling and central outlet

Is a small unit for the removal of biomass (wood chips or similar materials up to 250 kg/m³) from overhead rooms or small silos up to Ø 5,6m with low filling height (max. 7,0m). It can also be mounted in silos with more floor space, if complete removal is not necessary. It is a component for the automatic feeding of furnaces (central-heating boilers).

The individual arm pieces are pre-stressed, provided with clearing tips and can bend at the bearing points. In the filled silo the arm hinges lie under the cap plate. The material is almost exclusively removed through the diagonally lying, open screw conveyor.


Wall covering: Wood/sheet metal, if the effective rotation circle of the arms is larger than the width of the silo.

Type KAPA 501-GA3 501-GA4 501-GA5 501-GA6
Effective diameter [mm] 3300 4100 5100 5700
H [mm] (to 250 kg/m³) 7000 7000 7000 7000
H [mm] (to 400 kg/m³) 3500 3500 3500 3500
Installation angle, max
<b>Conveyor amount [m³/h]</b>        
Standard 0,80 0,80 0,80 0,80
Max. 3.10 3,10 3,10 3,10